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Digital city walk in Skanör Falsterbo

Bring your mobile phone along for a walk down memory lane and find out what Skanör Falsterbo looked like back in the day! 

Have you ever wanted to travel through time and see what places looked like back then? Now you can visit 100 places in Skanör and Falsterbo and learn about local history and architecture while comparing the current views with more than 200 photos. Some of the photos date back to the 1870's! 


Download the app Be Here Then, point your mobile phone towards one of the 100 pins and discover what it looked like for example 50, 100 or even 150 years ago! 


The app localizes where you are via GPS and the map view displays the pins in the area. Each and every one of the pins represents a place with at least one photo. Once you have walked up close enough to a pin, your mobile phone's camera switches on. Arrows help you point your phone in the right direction and a historical photo along with a brief description appears.  

(The descriptive texts are currently available in Swedish, English and German. You can switch in-between languages in the app).

Download a free version of the app "Be Here Then"and start (re)discovering Skanör and Falsterbo!