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Meet nature on Måkläppen

Far out on the most southwestern point of the Falsterbo peninsula stretches the beautiful, slightly barren, Måkläppen with its undisturbed nature – one of Vellinge municipality’s eleven Nature Reserves.

ATTENTION! Following the storm Babet in October 2023, the County Administrative Board advises against visiting the Måkläppen Nature Reserve. 

The Reserve was established in 1971 but Måkläppen had already been made a protected area in 1902 in order to safeguard the abundant birdlife. Since then, much has happened.

In the beginning of the 1970s Måkläppen started to move, joining with the mainland in the 1990s by which time it had moved 250 meters to the east. This caused the fauna to change. Nesting birds became fewer, and fox, badger, marten and polecat appeared once the land connection was established. Nowadays we mainly associate Måkläppen with seals and resting birds.


Seals have been protected since the 1970s, nowadays culling of Harbor seals and licensed hunting of Grey seals does occur, but not on Måkläppen. 

To protect the seals, from 2021 and going forward, the County Administrative Board has created two protected zones on Måkläppen. These are clearly marked with signs and may not be disturbed.


Måkläppen is also home to a number of nesting birds including Arctic terns and Little terns. On occasion Avocets have nested here when they have not been able to nest successfully in other places.

Besides the chance to see seals or birds the walk along the several kilometres of shoreline is a captivating nature experience. In the calm lagoon on the one side swans swim serenely.  On the other side, the open sea with its high foaming waves on one day and the next day flat calm.


Vrak på Måkläppen

Måkläppen is a part of the larger Falsterbo reef and over the years many ships have gone aground on the hidden reefs. In the waters around Måkläppen there are several old wrecks. When the sand shifts, they come to light and you might be lucky enough to see them on your visit to Måkläppen.

Following the storm Babet in October 2023, the County Administrative Board advises against visiting the Nature Reserve Måkläppen. 

Ule Nabbe
Ule Nabbe