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Madeleine's favorite spots

Madeleine Hornbeck grew up in Höllviken, and though she has tried living elsewhere, she has always returned to her roots. She feels at home here in southwestern Skåne and loves living close to the beach and the sea. We've asked Madeleine to share some of her favorite spots in the area with us.

1. The Skanör Marina (Skanörs Hamn)

- The marina has a charming atmosphere. It's nice to go for a stroll or just relax and enjoy the view.

2. Foteviken

- The Foteviken Museum and the surrounding area is really relaxing. From here one can see Copenhagen, all of Skanör-Falsterbo and Höllviken. Right below the museum there is a sun deck - I like to bring some snacks and just enjoy the fantastic view. It's something of a hidden gem.


“I love taking long walks on the beach!"

3. Ljunghusens strandbad

- It’s a real privilege to have a choice of so many different beaches. If you want to go for a swim without getting sand everywhere, then you should try the wheelchair accessible bathing jetty in Ljunghusen. I like getting some take-out after work and going down to the picnic tables. Also, the Lotsvillan hostel – it’s a gem of the Falsterbo Canal. Some people may not realize just how amazing it is to stay there – it’s like a waterfront villa with a perfect view!

Madeleine and her husband have been running the longtime retail store Sommarboden in Höllviken for the last 20 years. Sommarboden was established already back in 1929! One may easily believe that Sommarboden (”Summer shop”) only is open during summer, but the store has generous opening hours all year round.

- We are specializing in everything needed for a nice summer, but lately we have extended our concept to summery products during all seasons. Barbecuing, for example, is something that is popular all year and some people come to us when they find out that Sommarboden is one of the only two Weber World Stores in Sweden, explains Madeleine.

In the store and their website you can find everything from toys, hand-painted clogs and swim gear to outdoor furniture, interior design, flowers and, of course, all things related to barbecuing!

To Sommarboden's website