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Dan has put Vellinge (blomman) on the map

When Dan Tedestål was a child, he dreamed of becoming an architect, but he was destined to take over his parents' tomato nursery when he grew up. In addition to growing tomatoes, Dan chose to sell his tomatoes, cauliflowers, other vegetables and some potted plants at markets. For the past 40 years the business has been known as Vellingeblomman.

When the shop first opened it covered an area of 300 sqm in comparison with the 15,000 sqm that the facility now occupies – an area which is the equivalent of more than two soccer fields. Add to that the outdoor areas the total increases to 25,000 sqm. Although Dan never studied to be an architect, he has found an outlet for his creative talents by building up and developing Vellingeblomman. Today the business is not only plants, food delicacies and interior design articles but there are themed exhibitions which change with the seasons.

Seasonal exhibitions are a large part of the reason why the place has become so well known, not just in the South of Sweden but also in Denmark. The Easter, Halloween and Christmas exhibitions are recurring events and are a part of making Vellingeblomman into a popular destination all year round.

“Whatever you do and wherever you go, we have tried to make something you will remember”

Dan says that almost everything that one sees during a visit to Vellingeblomman is designed and created from his own ideas, and that he himself has also been involved in much of the building work.

“I have at least held most of the tools” says Dan. He always has new ideas and new projects are constantly on the go. Everything from building the world’s largest dinosaur out in the Fantasy Garden to building a ski slope for the annual Christmas exhibition. At this moment Dan and his staff are building an enormous aquarium ready for the shop’s largest fish to move into soon.

Talking of relocation, Dan has never really moved from the municipality, he likes it so much. He is the fifth generation to live at the same place in Vellinge. Dan says that he has heard from contacts who have been travelling, that they have bumped into people who may have difficulty placing Vellinge on a map but who happily relate that they have visited Vellingeblomman.

The name Vellingeblomman correctly described the business when Dan Tedestål first opened the doors and flowers and plants are still the basis of the business. However, with 50 times the area and a significantly larger range of products and experiences, the name may sound small. After 40 years Vellingeblomman is a well-established name and for many it is synonymous with much more than flowers. It is a unique destination and is one of many reasons to visit Vellinge.