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Meet Björn the entrepreneur

Björn M Jakobsen is the manager of Foteviken museum which he has been part of ever since the first ground breaking some 25 years ago.

He describes himself as an entrepreneurial spirit driven to create and develop things, especially things related to cultural history, the hospitality industry and tourism. In addition to his full-time job at Foteviken museum, he chairs the local trade association in Höllviken. 

It was finding the so-called Foteviken ships that made Björn M Jakobsen leave the city of Malmö and relocate to Vellinge. In addition to the five Foteviken ships, there are many capsized ships around the Falsterbo Peninsula. This sparked Björn’s interest in marine archaeology and in what is hidden on the bottom of the sea.

The Foteviken area, to the north of Höllviken, has an interesting history. This is where the largest market place in Scandinavia was located in the 12th century and where the great battle of Foteviken took place in the year 1134.

The Foteviken museum is an international attraction for visitors from all over the world. Next to the museum is a reconstruction of the town and marketplace that was Foteviken during the Viking era.

Not only is Foteviken a popular place among tourists and volunteers, but also among different production companies that want to use the reconstructed environment in moving pictures.

There are many activities on offer. Everything from Viking, Children’s and Family Weeks and harvest festivals to archaeology days and the celebration of International Viking Day.

“We are an open-air archaeological museum, which means that everything has been reconstructed. When you go into a house you can sit down on a chair. You can touch the tools that you find here and, if you are in luck, the smith will be there working, so that you can see what he does, and possibly even be allowed to help him with what he is forging”, says Björn.

“It is a fantastic place to be. We are blessed to live here with the sea surrounding us!"

Björn, who is fascinated by the sea and the sea floor, tips us off about something that is known as beach gold – amber. More precisely he recommends a visit to the Amber Museum in Kämpinge which, according to him, is very exciting due to its “prehistoric lumps of resin”.

If you want to go out to look for amber yourself, Falsterbonäset is known to be one of the best places in Sweden to hunt for amber. Best chances to find amber come after stormy weather in spring and autumn. There is near plenty of amber to be found along Falsterbonäset’s kilometre long sandy beaches in Kämpinge, the area around Skanör’s harbor and close to Falsterbo Lighthouse. Amber hunting is a fun activity for adults and children alike.